openSUSE Leap Micro 6.0 RC

Leap Micro is an ultra-reliable, lightweight operating system built for containerized and virtualized workloads.

This community version is based on SUSE Linux Micro, which leverages the enterprise-hardened security and compliance components of SUSE Linux Enterprise. This merging of technologies provides for a modern, immutable, and developer-friendly OS platform.

Leap Micro since 6.0 offers a self-install image, a raw image, and a Packages DVD that can serve as an offline repository. The Self-install image is our recommendation for any USB-based installation since we no longer use traditional installers. Users can automate and customize their installation with either Ignition or Combustion or using the jeos-firstboot wizard. Give a try to Fuel Ignition our online Ignition config generator.

Try Leap Micro in VMs running on either Xen or KVM. Using a Raspberry Pi or other System on Chip hardware may use the preconfigured image. Both preconfigured and self-installed images are intended to be used with Combustion written to a USB, which is driven to allow configuration on any first boot, with the option for default password protected changes.


A Short Leap Micro installation demo with combustion and cockpit.

Intel 或 AMD 64 位元桌上型電腦、筆記型電腦,以及伺服器 (x86_64)
Self-install Image (1.3 GiB)
Preconfigured Image (raw) (982.1 MiB)
Fully Encrypted Disk Image (raw) (4.0 GiB)
Preconfigured Image (qcow) (1.2 GiB)
VMware 映像檔 (2.2 GiB)
UEFI Arm 64 位元伺服器、桌上型電腦、筆記型電腦以及單板電腦 (aarch64)
Self-install Image (1.2 GiB)
Preconfigured Image (raw) (921.7 MiB)
Preconfigured Image (qcow) (1.1 GiB)
軟體套件映像檔 (1.3 GiB)


The new self-install image is the goto choice for USB or DVD based installations. A simple self-install wizard dumps a preconfigured image to the drive, and grows the partition to the size of the disk.
Users with Raspberry Pi and similar without usb-boot support can directly write the pre-conifgured image to the SD card. Users seeking more control over deployment are adviced to use Combustion.
A demo of a combustion based deployment can be seen here.
The jeos-firstboot will greet those who did not configure their system by using Combustion.

Leap Micro no longer comes with a traditional installer, users shall use Self-install media instead. The new Packages Image is just an offline dump of Leap Micro rpm repository for those with isolated enviornment.


  • 記憶體: 1GB 實體記憶體 + 額外記憶體 (供您的負載使用)
  • 儲存空間:
    • / (root) 分割區: 5GB 可用磁碟空間
    • /var 分割區: 5GB 可用磁碟空間


  • 記憶體: 2GB 實體記憶體 + 額外記憶體 (供您的負載使用)
  • 儲存空間:
    • / (root) 分割區: 20GB 可用磁碟空間
    • /var 分割區: 40GB 可用磁碟空間


很多應用程式可以驗證下載的正確性。驗證您的下載可以確保您得到所需的 ISO 檔案而非損壞的版本。

針對每一個 ISO ,我們提供了一個含有對應 SHA256 的校驗碼檔案。

為額外的安全性考量,您可以使用 GPG 來驗證誰簽署了這些 .sha256 檔案。

它應該是 AD48 5664 E901 B867 051A B15F 35A2 F86E 29B7 00A4

需要有關驗證您的下載檔案的說明,請閱讀 校驗碼說明文件