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滾動式推出更新並且包含 openSUSE 提供的最新軟件。

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設計給自動式管理及升級修補 container 寄存

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Leap Micro

For edge, embedded, IoT and other deployments

Ultra-reliable, lightweight operating system built for containerized and virtualized workloads.

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當需要安裝軟件或更新系統時,文件系統 snapshot 會自動為你保留你的文件系統狀態。使用早前的 snapshot 去把你的系統帶回到可用的狀態。


The installer now supports a new system role Transactional Server, which is an outcome of the openSUSE Kubic efforts. This system role features a new update system that applies updates atomically (as a single operation) and makes them easy to revert should it become necessary. These features are based on the package management tools that all other SUSE and openSUSE distributions rely on. This means that the vast majority of RPM packages that work with other system roles of openSUSE distributions also work with the system role Transactional Server.


openSUSE 的安裝過程中已提供給你需要的選擇。想用鍵盤滑鼠來安裝你的系統?選用圖像模式的安裝程序。手上沒有滑鼠?選用終端客戶來安裝。只可以接駁到主機?遙控連接到安裝程序然後進行安裝。就是這樣簡單。

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zypper screenshot

Zypper, 你最新喜愛的package manager

It's quick and easy to learn. Provides zypper-apt, a compatibilty layer for usage with apt and apt-get commands. It's based on libsolv, which guarantees both speed and reproducable resolving of dependencies. The interface is clear and appropriately coloured, for ease of reading. It's perfect, what else could be said?


由開始到完成,每一個作業系統提供的軟件都包括它們的來源及相關文件並開放給公眾參閱。對軟件源頭有可疑?可以到 build service 了解更多。


所有作業系統中的軟件分佈於主要兩個 repository,自由與非自由 repository。不想用非自由軟件? 你可以容易地禁止非自由 repository 運行。這不是我們的選擇,而是你的選擇。


我們盡力嘗試令每位用戶開心,而去達到這個目的,我們讓每位用戶都可以表達他們的需求。因此我們確保貢獻於 openSUSE 是很容易。

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YaST, the best choice for the power user

One of the greatest system configuration tools helps you, the user, to setup every single aspect of your system. You no longer need to go through a plethora of configuration scripts or enter dubious commands to get the system setup as you need it.