Leap Micro 6.0 ist jetzt zum Herunterladen verfügbar Lerne Mehr

openSUSE Leap Micro 5.2 EOL

Leap Micro ist ein extrem zuverlässiges, leichtgewichtiges Betriebssystem, das für containerisierte und virtualisierte Arbeitsbelastungen entwickelt wurde.

This community version is based on SUSE Linux Micro, which leverages the enterprise-hardened security and compliance components of SUSE Linux Enterprise. This merging of technologies provides for a modern, immutable, and developer-friendly OS platform.

Leap Micro since 6.0 offers a self-install image, a raw image, and a Packages DVD that can serve as an offline repository. The Self-install image is our recommendation for any USB-based installation since we no longer use traditional installers. Users can automate and customize their installation with either Ignition or Combustion or using the jeos-firstboot wizard. Give a try to Fuel Ignition our online Ignition config generator.

Try Leap Micro in VMs running on either Xen or KVM. Using a Raspberry Pi or other System on Chip hardware may use the preconfigured image. Both preconfigured and self-installed images are intended to be used with Combustion written to a USB, which is driven to allow configuration on any first boot, with the option for default password protected changes.

A Short Leap Micro installation demo with combustion and cockpit.