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openSUSE Leap 15.5

A brand new way of building openSUSE and a new type of a hybrid Linux distribution

Leap uses source from SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLE), which gives Leap a level of stability unmatched by other Linux distributions, and combines that with community developments to give users, developers and sysadmins the best stable Linux experience available.

Intel or AMD 64-bit desktops, laptops, and servers (x86_64)
Offline Image (4.1 GiB)
Võrgupaigalduse tõmmis (203.0 MiB)
UEFI Arm 64-bit servers, desktops, laptops and boards (aarch64)
Offline Image (4.0 GiB)
Võrgupaigalduse tõmmis (232.8 MiB)
PowerPC servers, little-endian (ppc64le)
Offline Image (3.8 GiB)
Võrgupaigalduse tõmmis (199.6 MiB)
IBM zSystems and LinuxONE (s390x)
Offline Image (2.1 GiB)
Võrgupaigalduse tõmmis (139.4 MiB)
We also have Minimal Virtual Machine, Live - otse plaadilt images. Check out Alternative Downloads!

Allalaaditava andmekandja valimine

The Offline Image is typically recommended as it contains most of the packages available in the distribution and does not require a network connection during the installation.

The Network Image is recommended for users who have limited bandwidth on their internet connections, as it will only download the packages they choose to install, which is likely to be significantly less than 4.7GB.

Lihtsad viisid OpenSUSE Leapi üleminekuks

If you’re already running openSUSE you can upgrade by booting from the DVD/USB and choosing upgrade, or carry out an ‘Online Upgrade’ in a few commands. Online Upgrade Instructions.

Vanemast versioonist või muust Linuxi distrost tulemine Windows'st tulemine OS X-ist tulemine
Kuidas toimub DVD kirjutamine Linuxis. Kuidas toimub DVD kirjutamine Windowsis. Kuidas toimub DVD kirjutamine OS X-s.
Kuidas luua alglaaditav USB-mälupulk Linuxis. Kuidas luua Windowsis alglaaditav USB-mälupulk. Kuidas luua alglaaditav USB-mälupulk OS X-s.
  • 2 Ghz dual core processor or better
  • 2GB physical RAM + additional memory for your workload
  • Over 40GB of free hard drive space
  • Either a DVD drive or USB port for the installation media
  • Internet access is helpful, and required for the Network Installer

Enne kasutamist kontrollige allalaaditut

Many applications can verify the checksum of a download. To verify your download can be important as it verifies you really have got the ISO file you wanted to download and not some broken version.

For each ISO, we offer a checksum file with the corresponding SHA256 sum.

For extra security, you can use sha256sum to verify who signed those .sha256 files.

It should be AD48 5664 E901 B867 051A B15F 35A2 F86E 29B7 00A4

For more help verifying your download please read Kontrollsummade abi